Three months: I haven’t received an electric bill since July 6

October 6, 2023 by Joshua
in Freedom

I hadn’t thought about it in a while, but I haven’t received an electric bill since July, when I posted My last electric bill? after my first bill after closing my account.

Partly I’d expect not received one because that’s what happens when you close your account. Partly it didn’t feel real to close it. I know I had disconnected the circuit so I hadn’t drawn power in over a year, but who doesn’t have an account with the electric company??

Me, it seems. I had forgotten when that last bill was. Is it coincidence that it was July 6, three months ago to the day?

Last year the summer was hardest since I didn’t know how to keep food fresh in the heat and humidity. This year summer was a challenging, but I wouldn’t say I struggled. I wonder if I’ll plug in again. I’m glad I wasn’t funding more of this, at least not from home:

Oil refinery
Oil refinery

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