I’m not leading by example by trying to live more sustainably

October 7, 2023 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

People respond to my disconnecting from the grid and all saying, “it’s great that you’re leading by example.”

I’m not leading by example. I don’t believe leading by example works in sustainability. People have filled their hearts and minds with rationalizations and justifications why what they are doing is good, right, and normal for them. Seeing someone acting differently doesn’t change their view. On the contrary, it often leads them to strengthen their beliefs about themselves. They respond, “I can see why you can avoid flying [or whatever more sustainable behavior], but I can’t because I have to work for a living [or whatever rationalization and justification].”

I lead through the Spodek Method: the technique to create a mindset shift followed by continual improvement. I work with intrinsic motivation, not hoping for the best, facts, numbers, coercion, cajoling, or convincing.

My personal sustainability behavior is just me living with integrity. Acting with integrity isn’t alone leadership, though it’s an important element mostly ignored by people in sustainability.

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