The last time you interviewed someone

March 26, 2015 by Joshua
in Awareness, Leadership

The last time you interviewed someone for a position on a team you were on…

Did you talk about salary, bonus, benefits, and measurable things like that?

Did you talk about the company or team goals?

Are those goals your goals?

If not, did you talk about your goals, passions, vulnerabilities, and so on?

The company wants to sell products and services. You probably have aspirations beyond just that.

What are your great passions, if not to be the number one provider of whatever your company does or whatever generalities its mission statement states? Do you want great relationships? Inner peace? Adventure?

If you don’t talk about those things to people entering your life, how do you expect to create them in your life?

If you talk about market share and corporate goals, how do you expect to live your life? I don’t believe you think you were born to raise some company’s share price.

Maybe you think you shouldn’t talk about personal goals on company time. Do you have role models? Did they separate company time from personal time?

If you don’t know how to talk about what you care about, how can you live it?

If you want to share your passions, can you learn to do it, like successful people do?

Can you make other people feel comfortable sharing their passions and vulnerabilities with you?

Don’t you want to work with passion in teams with others, also filled with passion? Then why didn’t you talk about these things with your teammates? Who will bring up your dreams if you don’t?

I used to subordinate my goals and self-awareness for what I thought I was supposed to do and think. That’s no way to live. You’re less productive for others anyway, and more miserable.

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