Twenty-one miles!

September 16, 2013 by Joshua
in Blog, Fitness

In case anyone was wondering how I was doing on my marathon training, since I hurt my ankle in May and couldn’t run on it until August, I thought I might not have enough time to train.

Saturday I ran twenty-one miles in hilly Central Park. The bottoms of my feet hurt, but I felt otherwise great. The weekend before I ran twelve miles on each of Saturday and Sunday. The weekend before that I ran eighteen miles. I’ve been running five or six miles two or three days on weekdays.

So I feel good about the full marathon November 3, assuming no injury. I have some blisters and chafing, which can force you to stop even if your heart, lungs, and legs can otherwise deliver, so I have to make sure to get comfortable with how my body reacts to the distance. Meanwhile, I think I’ll start raising my speed.

I usually try to write stuff helpful for others and not just talk about how far I ran, but you try running twenty-one miles and not telling anyone about it. Actually, I feel more reward from the five miles I just finished, after the twenty-one miles two days ago. Recovering quickly tells me my body is in good shape.

Also, as I am inspired by others to do this training, I hope some people who might otherwise not follow through on a goal they care about will feel inspired by my example and do theirs.

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