Unsustainable things that we can either face must end or keep lying to ourselves and causing suffering.

March 21, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction, Nature

Remember that when you depend on something to the point of addiction

You tell me what you fear losing and I’ll tell you what you’ll gain.

Suggest stopping gambling to gambling addict and they’ll fear losing winning. But outside rare jolts of winning, they mostly lose. Stopping gambling will bring them more winning and less losing.

Social media addict fear losing connection, but social media isolates. Stopping social media will gain connection and decrease isolation.

Meth users fear losing energy, but outside brief, predictable jolts, they have less energy. Stopping taking meth will lead to more energy in life.

For the following things we depend on to point of addiction for comfort, convenience, and other things notably unnecessary for life, what you fear losing without them is exactly what we’ll gain:


Container ships

Highways in cities

Highways into cities

Fossil fuel wells


A global human population over 2 or 3 billion

Factory Farms

Industrial Farms

Artificial fertilizer

Deep sea fishing

The sooner we end these things, the sooner their absence will improve our lives and the sooner we’ll live sustainably. It sounds as hard to believe for you that kicking these habits will improve your life as for a heroin addict to believe kicking their habit will improve theirs, but it will.

Until then, we’ll keep killing people, funding by paying for those things.

aviation airplane pollution

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