Vegans who fly?

October 12, 2021 by Joshua
in Habits, Nature

As a vegan who also doesn’t fly, having seen the suffering to humans, animals, and other life flying causes, I don’t understand how vegans who say they are for ethical reasons don’t apply it to their flying.

Stopping flying was just like stopping meat and animal products. I thought it would be impossible and a sacrifice. I’d learned others did it so tried. In less time than I expected, I loved the change, wish I had done it earlier, and realized my fears were based on cultural beliefs I hadn’t questioned. Once I started questioning them I realized others were profiting at the cost of my health and others’ suffering. Just as instead of less variety and nutrition, I found more avoiding meat, instead of less time with family and control over my career, I found more avoiding flying.

I can see why someone wouldn’t be a vegan. I don’t get how vegans don’t expect that stopping flying will improve their lives as much or more than stopping eating meat and just stop flying.

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