Video: Sam Harris on consciousness and internal monologue

September 9, 2014 by Joshua
in Awareness, Nonjudgment

I prefer posting original content, but I found such valuable and new insights in this interview of big-time author Sam Harris on how the mind worked I couldn’t help it.

He put into words what I’ve experienced but hadn’t thought to express so clearly. That clarity helps clarify the observations and let you use them. The awareness his descriptions create lead you to greater self-awareness and ability to understand and lead yourself. Since he’s talking about general human thought processes, it also raises your awareness of others’ thoughts and motivations as well as your ability to understand and lead them.

I consider awareness like he describes as effective a foundation for leading yourself and others as anything. It’s clearly based on disciplined and focused behavior. I think listening to him will decrease your time and effort to reach that level of awareness.

He also talks about meditation without drawing on the supernatural—just basic observation—making his comments less exclusionary to people with different beliefs.

I’m only about two-thirds through it, so I can’t say how it ends. I also don’t know Joe Rogan beyond having seen his name a couple times. As long as the interview is, I found value from the start, as you can tell because I’m posting before finishing the whole thing.

EDIT: After watching it the whole way through, the part I like most is from minute 25 to minute 50.

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