Volunteering: I just helped deliver a mammoth summer load of vegetables to the community fridge

July 2, 2024 by Joshua
in Habits, Stories

The community fridge where I volunteer by bringing food (and doof, sadly) stores would otherwise through away for anyone to take recently coordinated a deal with the Union Square farmers market to pick up what vendors don’t sell.

Half a dozen of us picked up and delivered our first load. Several of us made two trips. It was the most volume and I’d say highest quality of any load I helped deliver. These pictures don’t show how much and how glorious the produce was, all local.

Redistributing food so it doesn’t go to waste solves an immediate problem. I still can’t see how to solve the systemic problem of overproducing. In the meantime, at least people got to eat this food instead of it being composted (although people who pick up at the fridge tend to prefer packaged food and doof).

July Veggies

EDIT: The next Monday I volunteered again, bringing a friend to help. There was maybe 25 percent less this time, but still plenty.

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