Invited on the field at Yankee Stadium with my family (thank you Brent Suter!)

July 3, 2024 by Joshua
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Podcast guest Brent Suter plays for his hometown team the Cincinnati Reds and the Reds played the Yankees last night in Yankee Stadium.

Brent and I have recorded three episodes so far. We’ve kept in touch since recording too. I asked him if I could see him at the game. He arranged for me and some family members to meet him on the field at Yankee Stadium for batting practice before the game started.

You can tell from our conversations what a great guy Brent is. In person he’s as friendly, humble, and salt-of-the-earth as they come. Genuinely interested in you and taking care of you. No wonder he was nominated for the Roberto Clemente award, the highest award in baseball outside competition.

As usual, I took almost no pictures, since I’m too busy living in the moment, but I’ll get some from my family members. In the meantime, here’s walking up the stairs to the field from the backstage area.

Here’s a video my sister took walking up those stairs behind me. I’m in the black shirt and gray shorts walking up the stairs at the beginning. Brent is the baseball player in red at the end that I’m talking to. Sorry for the low resolution for now. I’ll post higher resolution when I get it:

Here are some rooms we passed “backstage,” including the umpire room and green room:

Here’s another video from the field (again, I’ll post higher resolution when I get it):

I don’t know about you, but I love being invited to places for relationships I’ve built or work I’ve done that others pay a lot for. The seats behind the dugout probably cost hundreds, maybe thousands when auctioned. Brent works on sustainability within the major leagues. Podcast guest Tia Nelson introduced me to Brent when she was a senator in Wisconsin, where her father Gaylord Nelson started Earth Day in 1970. Brent played then with the Milwaukee Brewers, so they crossed paths as Wisconsin people promoting sustainability.

I think the people paying thousands to watch a game at Yankee Stadium work in finance and large corporations.

Here’s the pass Brent got us. It reminded me of the all access pass I had at Manhattan’s last mega-club when I showed my art there.

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