Watch UNICEF’s 2020 World Environment Day Panel Discussion, which included me

June 8, 2020 by Joshua
in Education, Nature

Want to learn from amazing people who act, not just talk, on nature and sustainability? Watch UNICEF’s 2020 World Environment Day Panel Discussion.

How can the Covid-19 crisis be a catalyst for sustainability and climate action at home/work?

Environment Top Responders is a group of selected experts, champions, activists and influencers in the New York sustainability space who were invited by the UNICEF New York Staff Association Green Team to discuss sustainability and climate action efforts post the COVID-19 crisis.

I felt honored to participate in one of the most inspirational group of panelists I’ve been on. Everybody acted personally to influence their community. So many people talk about change. Everyone here acted. Thank you, UNICEF, for organizing and hosting!

The panelists

  • Joshua Spodek (Leadership and the Environment podcast, professor NYU/Columbia Business School)
  • Matt Jozwiak (Rethink Food)
  • Christine Datz-Romero (LES Ecology Center)
  • Belinda Chiu (Healthy Blueprint Blog)
  • Nick Cutsumpas (Farmer Nick)


  • Corina Gugler (General legal counsel, UNICEF)

For related talks, listen to my podcast episode 317: My UN and UNICEF talk on COVID-19 and leadership.

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