We’re replacing flowers and grass with plastic. It’s unhealthy and disgusting, not pretty, but apparently I’m the extreme one for having a problem with it.

July 25, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

Restaurants, stores, and playgrounds for kids around me put up plastic flowers and grass to make things look pretty, but plastic is the opposite of flowers and grass.

If it hasn’t hit you, take a moment to ponder what we’ve done. We’re replacing lovely, healthy things with what kills them and us. We’re accepting the opposite of life and nature in favor of kills nature because of the most superficial resemblance.

How do we accept this travesty? It’s like someone replaced your child with a Barbie doll or your pet with a Mr. Potato Head. Are we complete idiots? Who is the bigger idiot, the people manufacturing these things, the people buying and putting them up, or the people who fund it by patronizing the places? Or am I the crazy person for having a problem with the modern American way of life, though I’m sure every other country does it? People call me extreme for preferring life to plastic.

Everything that looks like flowers and grass below is plastic

Kids are supposed to play on that plastic instead of grass. There is so little green space with living green plants that the grass around the plastic is worn away, turned to desert.

We could use more green space and fewer new buildings, which, of course, exacerbates housing problems just as building more roads exacerbates traffic, but everyone thinks the opposite until they get it. Instead we get less parks and put plastic everywhere.

EDIT: I’m as disgusted by replacing nature with plastic as I am surrounded by it. Here are more. I might keep taking these pictures of these tragic images.

EDIT: More fake flowers

EDIT: more future landfill made to look like flowers. I’ve mostly stopped taking these pictures despite seeing opportunities daily, but sometimes I can’t pass the more egregious examples:

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