What’s “extreme” when everyone around you is acting crazy?

February 13, 2024 by Joshua
in Doof, Nature

People describe my steps toward sustainability as “extreme.”

Imagine everyone you knew gave babies Pepsi to drink, as much as they wanted all the time. You might think since it’s not healthy, you might not give your baby so much Pepsi.

What’s the right amount of Pepsi to give babies? Ten percent less than everyone else? Twenty percent?

If you give fifty percent less, are you starting to get extreme?

Zero Pepsi for babies must be extreme. Would you be extreme in a world where everyone gave their babies Pepsi? Or would you avoid being extreme and keep it to just a bit less than average?

I’m not at zero pollution or depletion, so if you’d feed your baby no Pepsi, I’m less extreme than you, though it depends, which do you consider more unhealthy, Pepsi or gasoline?

Here is the best I could do with my photo editing skills:

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