When hunger feels good

December 23, 2017 by Joshua
in Fitness, Nature

I don’t know anyone who likes eating more than I do. When I see food that I like to eat around, I eat it. I don’t know how people stop eating.

So I don’t like feeling hungry, but I realized a time I like feeling hungry.

I noticed it because cooking my famous vegetable stews in big batches means I almost always have delicious, filling, wholesome food ready for me at home, easier to heat up than canned soup or a TV dinner, since I don’t even need a can opener or to open a package.

When I’m out and there’s only food that’s far from fresh fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms—restaurants or catering with too much oil, not enough flavor, fiber-removed, too much bread or rice filler, etc, like this:

Greasy, restaurant food without fiber

Food without fiber, mostly filler, and using oil to mask the lack of flavor

but I know when I get home I’ll have as much famous vegetable stew as I want, I love the hunger I feel not eating crappy food, knowing I’ll eat homemade a few hours later.

I feel even better if I used to love the food I’m avoiding before learning to cook fresh, homemade, no fiber-removed, no packaging.

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