Why everything will collapse (someone else’s video)

November 12, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

I rarely post other people’s content as the main part of my blog, but this video put together a lot of what is predicted to happen the way a few generations ago people predicted global warming and sea level rise. People doubted it not for disagreeing with the observations and predictions but because they didn’t want to believe. It made them feel bad.

The global economy and human population collapse, meaning billions of people dying, will make people feel bad if it happens. We’re reeling from the effects of behaviors of people generations ago so what we do will keep affecting people for decades. Millennia, really. Even with all that damage locked in, there are levels of disaster and we can avoid the worst.

I recommend watching the video. I may disagree on fine points, but I agree with the systemic approach (it shows a graph from Limits to Growth, the book to understand our interaction with our environment and economy). It doesn’t look at only climate or only pollution.

It still misses aspects that contribute to a collapse.

One major problem: it treats consuming less as deprivation and collapse. It calls reducing waste a reduction in living standards. I can speak from experience and just looking at the misery in rich countries as well as happiness, health, and longevity in cultures without agriculture or industry that less material stuff for most people not on the margins improves life.

Less stuff for most people improves life. If we get this pattern globally, we will find we enjoy the change. This graph shows what we can do joyfully:

Anyone who consumes as much as I did five years ago could reduce as much as I have, which improved my life. Most people won’t try, but if you do, you’ll lead others to follow. They’ll feel gratitude toward you.

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