Why I love jet lag

January 19, 2016 by Joshua
in Awareness, Creativity, Freedom, SIDCHAs

Some of the best ideas of my life have come to me while jet-lagged, lying awake in bed for hours before the sun rises.

I end up having incredible ideas and thoughts but can’t act on them, so I let them flow, sometimes turning the light on briefly to write them, partly to remember them, partly to free my mind from trying to remember them so it can go on to new things.

I find falling asleep during the day a small price for the joy of these long stretches of time to think freely.

Showers lead to ideas too, but they only last a few minutes, though I came up with Sidchas during a shower, and a cold one at that. Lying awake before getting up in the morning works, but tends to focus on that day, or short-term issues.

I can’t think of what has led me to more ideas than jet lag.

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