Why record temperatures matter

January 26, 2020 by Joshua
in Awareness, Nature

The temperature in New York City hit 65F (18C) earlier this month. This week’s forecast predicts highs in the 40s every day but one—higher than the historic average high of 38F.

The following conclusion should be obvious, I would think, and lead people to change their behavior big and soon. Somehow people aren’t acting, or are acting minimally.

So what’s the problem? 45F is more comfortable than 38F. When the temperature hits the 60s, people go out and enjoy themselves, as they do in the spring. Everybody likes spring weather.

The problem with record-setting high temperatures is that enough of them for years give credence to the climate models that predicted them. The problem with credence in those models is what they predict beyond this decade.

As we all know, the scientists predict environmental disasters unless we all change our behavior. Not most of us. We all have to change. Why wait?

What’s something big you can do?

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