Why you should meditate

July 26, 2018 by Joshua
in Awareness, Freedom, Nonjudgment

Of the many reasons to meditate, here is what I consider the most valuable.


Say you’re a runner. Imagine if every time you ran, at random times, without your awareness, your feet just started running in a different direction than you wanted.

And on top of that, your feet started kicking each other equally spontaneously, randomly, and unintentionally.

Your mind does just that—no matter how much you want to focus on anything, at random times, spontaneously, and unintentionally, it will wander off in directions you can’t predict or stop.

Don’t believe me? Try to focus on one topic for five minutes. Most people can’t even sit still for a minute, let alone five, let alone focus for that long.

As for the kicking, your mind has different parts and they conflict with each other. You argue with yourself, you judge yourself, and so on.

If you work with your mind, you’ll value being able to think straight.

If an idea, say the solution to a problem you’re working on or a suggestion that would get you promoted, is complex enough to take two minutes to form and you lose focus every ninety seconds, you’ll never come up with that idea or suggestion.

Meditation develops your ability to think straight, among other things. It helps you develop ideas. It helps you listen without interrupting. It helps you avoid internal conflict and judgment.

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