“Winning the popular vote” means nothing

November 13, 2016 by Joshua
in Blog

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so more people want her to be president.

Sour grapes.

And meaningless.

Look, I don’t want someone who denies global warming in the White House either, but saying meaningless stuff doesn’t help.

All the candidates and all the voters knew the rules of the election years ahead. Winning the election means getting more electoral college votes. Those are the rules.

Nobody campaigned to get more popular votes. Most Americans didn’t vote.

If the rules said the winner of the popular vote would become president, everyone would have run their races differently.

The so-called “popular vote” doesn’t represent the nation or even eligible voters. It’s the side effect of a campaign to get electoral college votes. That’s it. We don’t know what would happen if we allowed a popular vote and it wouldn’t say much if we did today, anyway, since the candidates didn’t race for that goal.

If you want to change things, I recommend not trying to change the past, which you can’t, but the present and future.

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