June 21, 2012 by Joshua
in Art, Blog, Creativity

Business brought me to the lovely city of Xian, not that far from Shanghai. My hosts brought me to a central area they covered with LEDs, I guess for tourists. I couldn’t help take pictures to post here.

It was borderline garish, but just this side of too much. I don’t know if the pictures capture it. It almost felt like daytime at night. The city lit up a whole area with statues, pillars (wrapped in LEDs I couldn’t help by overexpose in the pictures), municipal and art buildings, etc. Lots of people were enjoying themselves.

Anyway, if you are near Xian, visit. Tomorrow I’ll post on the famous terra-cotta army, also not far away. A couple friends who visited here told me to visit the Muslim quarter. Maybe my hosts will bring me there tomorrow when they take me to the city wall before our big meeting. In the meantime, I’ve had great food too.


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