Year 2, Day 2 with the Fridge Unplugged

October 1, 2022 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

I meant to post yesterday that it began my second year with the fridge unplugged, but I forgot because as unbelievable as it felt to make it more than a few days the first time, it just takes practice. All humans lived without refrigerators for 300,000 years until about a hundred years ago.

Then we became entitled, dependent, and obese.

It turns out what made it work most was relying more on fresh fruits and vegetables, learning to cook, and learning to ferment. Nothing special. Nothing people haven’t been doing for millennia.

Living without the fridge wasn’t the hard part. Dealing with other people is. They keep saying how I’m special so it’s easier for me or they’re special so it’s harder for them, but we know if you try, you can do what nearly all your ancestors did. Technology doesn’t have to make us entitled, dependent, and obese.

Having made it a year, I may never plug the fridge in again, but we’ll see. I can’t predict the future that well.

Biggest lesson learned

The biggest lesson I learned I can communicate as an answer to the question people ask a lot: How do I do it?

Answer: Find what beliefs you have that suggest it’s hard or impossible. It wasn’t hard or impossible, so consider those beliefs may be wrong.

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