Year 9, day 1 of daily posts

January 29, 2019 by Joshua
in Blog

I began posting daily to this blog on January 29, 2011, so today marks day 1 of year 9.


That’s 3,328 posts over 2,922 days (I double posted on many days, plus transcripts for the podcast get their own posts).

Daily posting led to the development of the sidcha concept, which I consider (possibly) my greatest discovery so far, as well as my burpee, cold shower, picking up trash, and other sidchas.

Screen capture from, November 16, 2012

Several times in the past eight years, I’ve had no internet access, including two 2-week North Korea trips and several 10-day meditation retreats with no reading, writing, or internet access. I scheduled posts ahead of time to deliver.

I can’t begin to describe the value daily posting has brought to my life. It’s created structure and discipline I didn’t have, leading to mental freedom, physical freedom, self-awareness, and more.

It’s cost nearly nothing—a few tens of dollars hosting fees per year.

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