You can try to convince yourself otherwise but packaging and plastic pay rich people to impoverish poor people.

June 3, 2022 by Joshua
in Doof, Nature

I defy you to find a way to pay for plastic that doesn’t make a rich person more rich and cause unhealthiness to helpless people (and wildlife).

Despite what marketers have fooled many to think, packaging doesn’t make food fresher. It might keep an individual item fresher, but systemically, it leads us to overall eat less fresh, less healthy food, often consuming doof instead of eating food.

Foragers always ate fresh. Americans today nearly exclusively eat prepared, packaged food and consume doof, at least by what I see people stuffing their faces with while the walk and drive. There’s no joy in it.

Likewise, marketers have fooled many people to think prepared food and doof somehow address needs of poor people while the opposite happens. In a single case, a nearby McDonald’s may provide something that fills someone’s stomach, but systemically, doof impoverishes people and communities of time and money.

Plastic helps rich people and hurts poor, helpless people. Paying for it promotes that system. You’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

Pictures like this used to be rare. The first time I saw one like it shocked me. Now they’re common, and buying anything plastic helps drive the system. I’m not saying that you stopping paying for plastic will stop it. I’m offering you a way to live by your values that will improve your life.

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