Your Daily Environment, 003: Trevor Noah on plastic and science doesn’t motivate

July 24, 2019 by Joshua
in Audio, Nature

Day 003 address two emails from friends.

The first told me about a segment Trevor Noah and the Daily Show did on plastic: fewer countries are accepting America’s garbage. We’re going to have to deal with it ourselves.

The problem with the coverage? It barely treated the only viable solution: reducing production. What it treated it joked about. It’s a comedy show, that’s it’s point, so I don’t begrudge it. It highlights that no one else is treating it seriously either.

Here’s the original segment at the Daily Show’s web site.

The second told me how a science lab devoted to environmentally relevant science next week will raise prices for single-use plastic.

If knowing science influenced behavior, this science community would have stopped buying single-use plastic decades ago so they would have stopped selling it.

Knowing science hardly influences behavior. I support science, but looking to that community for leadership is a mistake.

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