14 proven ways to make you and people around you miserable

November 23, 2013 by Joshua
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Most of my posts try to present ways to create more happiness and emotional reward. For once I’ll write the opposite, from which one can learn just as much.

In the list below the items seem to clearly hurt relationships and your mood. For some reason when people do these things on their own they act like they’re acting productively, like when they give people unsolicited advice, they genuinely seem to feel like they’re helping others, as much as they push back when others give them unsolicited advice. I think my first tip covers most of the rest that involve relationships with others. The second tip covers most of the rest that involve yourself.

You can thank me later for this excellent advice.

1. Impose your values on others.

Judge them and tell them what they should do. They’ll return the favor.

2. Hold on to your beliefs no matter what.

If someone else disagrees, presume they’re wrong. If the belief is making you miserable, stick with the belief. Your misery probably proves it’s right.

3. Hold on to absolutes.

If you say something is good or right it probably is. Same if you say it is bad or wrong. How could there be room for disagreement? If someone disagrees, point out they are wrong.

4. React without thinking.

Going with your gut is what heroes do, right? Be like them. Act before thinking.

5. Don’t exercise.

Exercise is boring and causes pain. TV is entertaining and fun. Is there any doubt which improves your life more?

6. Buy what they advertise on TV.

Especially food. If it’s profitable enough that they can afford to advertise it, it must be valuable.

7. Ignore your emotions, focus only on reason.

We are rational creatures and emotions are weird. Don’t worry about them. Focus on facts, knowledge, and rules.

8. Focus on the past. Evaluate it and think of what you could have done better.

What better is there to think about than what you could have said or done? If you think about it enough, you’ll be able to do it better next time.

9. Focus on the future. Plan everything you can.

The better you plan something, the better you’ll do it. If you plan enough, you’ll get everything perfect.

10. Decide only after analyzing as much as possible.

If you analyze enough, you’ll figure out the perfect way to do something. If you act before analyzing enough, you might make a mistake, so best not to.

11. When you disagree with someone, debate as a way to resolve differences.

If someone sees things differently than you, you’ll help them by demonstrating they could look at things differently. Since your life is awesome, your perspective is better than theirs. Good-natured debate is the healthiest way to air differences so they can learn from you.

12. Help people by giving them advice.

If you know how to do something better than someone else, you’ll help them improve their life by telling them how to do what they do better.

They’ll probably thank you for your unsolicited advice since it will improve their life so it can be almost as good as yours. They would have no reason not to accept your advice.

13. Help people by pointing out their flaws.

You like to improve yourself. So does everyone. If they can’t see their flaws, they can’t improve them. You’ll do them a favor by pointing out flaws so they know what to improve. If they improve enough, their life could be as good as yours. Then they’ll thank you even more.

14. Borrow money to spend more than you can afford to.

Life is for living. Why not live the best life you can? If you can’t afford something on your own, borrowing will help you get it. If the other person can afford to lend you the money, they won’t miss it while you work on paying them back.

Wait, there’s more.

Bonus 15th way to make you and people around you miserable!

No extra charge.

15. Get your point across first. Try to make others to understand you before you try to understand them.

If what you had to say wasn’t important you wouldn’t say it. It is, so best to communicate it quickly. When they see things your way, they’ll understand and want to listen more. What they have to say isn’t as important so it can wait. In any case, you’ll listen to them after they understand you.

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