150,000 burpees

April 5, 2020 by Joshua
in Fitness, Habits, SIDCHAs

According to my spreadsheet that calculates my burpee count, I did my hundred-fifty-thousandth today.

Actually, that would be my hundred-fifty-thousandth as part of my burpee-based sidcha. I occasionally do more, like to show people how to do them, or when I see how long I take to do a hundred, but I never do less.

My total expenditures on them is still $0.00, including equipment, trainer, travel, etc.

I haven’t missed a day since my first, December 22, 2011—3,000 days plus a few weeks ago, or 8 years and a few months. I started at 10 a day. Now I do two sets daily of 15-to-20-minute burpee-based calisthenics that include stretches and exercises for my abs, back, and biceps.

Most days I do 54, but I coordinate variations with my 5-day exercise cycle. On cardio days I do 3 fewer but do diamond push-ups. On lifting days I do 1 less. If you want details, ask.

Though I can’t remember how they felt when I started them at age 40, nearly a decade older and doing more daily than ever, I can sense that I’ll have to lower my daily number eventually, I’d guess in ten or fifteen years. We’ll see. The increased fatigue from age affects me more and differently than I would have expected.

I could write more, but I’ve already written plenty. Read more in my burpee post collection. I do them like I brush my teeth. They just burn more calories and develop more character.

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