200,000 burpees

October 30, 2022 by Joshua
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It’s easy to track how many burpees I do as part of my twice-daily burpee-based calisthenics. I know how many I do per day and I don’t miss days, so I just update the date in my spreadsheet and it tells me.

More accurately, the spreadsheet tells me a minimum since now and then I do burpees for other reasons, but I haven’t missed and, so I’ve done more than what it says, but not much more. I don’t do many random burpees. Earlier this month I lost count of how many sets I’d done so defaulted to the lower number just in case. I’m pretty sure I ended up doing an extra set.

I check the spreadsheet a few times a month, mainly to update my email signature and the count on my blog’s home page. About a week ago I noticed how close I was to 200,000 so noted in my calendar to post about it today. A decade ago reaching 10,000 burpees merited a blog post. Ten thousand has become too small a milestone. I’ll probably post my next burpee-count milestone at a quarter million, though I’ll still note the start of each year, which I think will be twelve come December 22.

As always, I’ve spent zero dollars on burpees and only a few minutes per day. In other words, anyone can do it or an equivalent if you’ve had some injury.

The house that 200,000 burpees built

Here are the results of the calisthenics (plus other exercise and diet). I don’t care if you don’t want to see me with my shirt off, though if I had planned ahead, I might have dieted a bit for more definition on my abs or chosen overhead lighting to show more ab definition. I would have tried harder for a less goofy smile, but I’m not trying to impress.

Below is me, today, 51 years old with no special treatment or preparation. At my father’s 80th birthday, a friend of his first words at seeing me for the first time since my childhood were “Did you lose weight? Weren’t you fat as a kid?” My stepbrother teased me for excess fat, and I have a congenital condition where if I eat even on more calorie than I use or excrete, I put on weight.

As it happens, today is a cardio day so I plogged five miles and took a cold shower. It’s also a sunny day followed by two rainy days, so I went to roof twice to charge my battery with sunlight, meaning I climbed over thirty flights.

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