2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Days

January 31, 2017 by Joshua
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My Inc.com post Saturday, “2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Consecutive Days,” began

2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Consecutive Days

What I learned in six years posting daily

On January 29, 2011 I wrote the first blog post of an unbroken streak. Today finishes the sixth year.

Tomorrow I’ll start year 7.

Here’s the blog: www.JoshuaSpodek.com, and here is an archive of all the posts. Here’s a picture of the blog header, with me swimming across the Hudson River, which I blogged about.

EDIT: Coincidentally, after writing this post, Glenn Leibowitz’s podcast, Write With Impact, posted its interview, “Joshua Spodek’s Strategy for Developing a Daily Writing Habit,” which covered similar ground as this article. I recommend listening to it.

The Numbers

That means

  • 2,191 days
  • 2,461 posts (I wrote more than one post per day sometimes)

I estimate about 2 hours writing time and 1,000 words per post, or

  • 4,922 hours, or 205 days, spent writing
  • 2,461,000 words

If you care about the 10,000 hour rule, I’m about halfway there.

What’s the point?

Why write daily? My top reasons, in increasing order of importance, are

  1. Improving my writing and thinking
  2. Developing discipline and diligence
  3. Knowing my values and acting on them
  4. Learning skills
  5. Structure
  6. Joy

Read the rest at 2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Consecutive Days.

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