American adults over 90 percent overfat: Peer reviewed research (children 69 percent overfat)

January 10, 2024 by Joshua
in Fitness

More refined than concepts overweight and body mass index is overfat.

I’m not a professional in the field, but I believe professionals consider the term more useful and are using it more. Someone with little muscle but enough fat to cause health problems can appear not overweight and have what looks like a healthy BMI so might be overlooked for care.

Americans are more overfat than I would have predicted: the number of overfat Americans at 91% for adults and 69% for children.

Here’s the peer-reviewed research I quoted so you can read the full paper:

The overfat condition is defined as excess body fat sufficient to impair health. The problem exists in most overweight and obese individuals and can also occur in those who are normal-weight and non-obese, often due to excess abdominal fat. Despite previous indications that the prevalence overweight and obesity is leveling, these conditions are currently at their highest levels in US history. Our review estimated the number of overfat Americans at 91% for adults and 69% for children.

The Prevalence of Overfat Adults and Children in the US, 2017

Here’s our geographic prevalence of being overfat. I’d love to see how it correlates with doof sales.

Here is its change over the past quarter-century: consistent growth:

I found the research in this video from’s Dr. Michael Greger’s (also twice a guest on This Sustainable Life):

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