More shameful-looking trashed Christmas pagan trees. It’s only January 10, so likely more to come.

January 10, 2024 by Joshua
in Habits, Nature, Visualization

Why do people pay to chop down so many trees for pagan-based rituals? I mean, I know the answer is tradition, even if the tradition is opposite to what they purport to believe, but when will their consciences kick in, or their intelligence or compassion? I have nothing against any of the religions involved, Christianity, paganism, capitalism, patriotism, etc, but I have a lot for sustaining an environment that can sustain us. Things that worked with a population of one billion people don’t always work with a population over eight billion and 95–98 percent of old-growth forests gone.

Don’t these things look pathetic, surrounded by garbage? What does this image say about Christmas and Christianity? Do you see the buried tree in this picture?

Again, I recommend spending a few seconds on each image. Each trashing of each Christmas Pagan tree tells a unique story of depravity and capitulation.

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