Are these your burning questions about the environment? Did I miss any?

January 27, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature

You can help me work on my book. I’d like to address people’s most important questions nobody has answered to your satisfaction.

Do the following questions resonate with you? Should I add or remove any? What questions would you like answered? Please post new questions or topics as responses or feel free to contact me directly.

How can I

  1. Live the way I do without polluting?
  2. Avoid plastic?
  3. Drive and fly without polluting?
  4. Help the world so I know my contribution mattered?
  5. Understand the problem so it doesn’t sound so confusing?
  6. Help others act to, so I don’t feel it’s only me?
  7. Change the system creating inequalities contributing to the problem?
  8. Clean my neighborhood?
  9. Reduce ocean waste?
  10. Protect my family and people I love from floods, hurricanes, famines, and catastrophes?
  11. Tell if what scientists predict will happen or not?
  12. Get environmentalists to quit bothering me?
  13. Protect my country’s freedom from people using the environment to get power?
  14. What do I do about toothbrushes/toilet paper/make up/etc?
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