At a loss for words at people playing with their fat

May 4, 2021 by Joshua
in Fitness, Nonjudgment, Visualization

I’m no Shakespeare, but I think I express myself well with words. Despite everyone telling me to use it more, I don’t use social media that much.

Someone shared the video below. I tried to describe it to someone. I said, “These two women were showing off their fat and it looked like. . .” And I found myself unable to find anything else in nature or my experience that their fat falling on the table resembled. As far as I can tell, they seem happy. If they’re happy and posting videos of their happiness, I support them sharing what they choose to share. I fear I’m losing touch with American culture, though.


##stitch with @jess.subject22 lmfao XD I’m down 70 lbs and 1 weight loss journey to another we rock XD ##fyp ##foryoupage ##dobtlettgisflop

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Is there anything else in nature that the human body as they show off theirs resembles, specifically the abdominal fat tossed around like that? Not just in appearance, but in function. Whales and walruses have a lot of fat, but I think it’s functional to insulate them in freezing water. What I see in this video doesn’t seem so.

As far as I can tell, their state is more common than ever in the United States. I’m usually good at coming up with analogies. Here I can’t.

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