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July 1, 2012 by Joshua
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I began yesterday’s post on how cutting costs improves your life intending to write about a blog I just found and enjoyed. As per my extensively field-tested and verified practice of sharing what you love, I’m sharing the blogs I enjoy reading and find improve my life.

The blog is called Mr. Money Moustache. The author writes about living well by getting rid of crap. By word count he writes about money, but, as readers of this blog would expect, I like it because of the values and emotions it’s about: freedom, fun, independence, joy, relationships, and things like that.

Money brings so many people down. It doesn’t have to. It’s just a medium of exchange. You can use it to account for what you do and what you care about to improve your life. That is, if you don’t look at money as an ends but a means and you keep your focus on what you value, you can use it to increase what you value.

If you instead use it as an ends — you think you need a certain amount of money or income as opposed to focusing on what matters to you — expect people who have more than you to control your life. That’s what happens when you believe you need something someone else has and you don’t.

I’ve read about a dozen articles there and I’ll be returning. I recommend checking it out, taking its advice, and improving your life if you haven’t already.

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