A bad day skiing beats a good day of almost anything else

February 25, 2012 by Joshua
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Kids learn to ski easily, before they learn to fear falling. After I learned to ski in my mid-twenties I asked my mom why they never took us skiing. She answered “We couldn’t afford that” quick enough I could almost hear an unspoken “duh!” following it up.

I love skiing so much I suggested my sister take her kids while they were young. President’s Day weekend she told me she had decided to take them but her husband had been called to perform an emergency surgery. Could I join them, having booked rooms already? Three kids for a mom who didn’t know how to ski would be a handful.

So despite 40+ degree weather, I figured out how to cancel or postpone my other plans and went, last-minute. Here are some pictures. It’s not my typical blog post, but you look at the kids and tell me you wouldn’t post about them.

Anyway, the series shows two days

  • three kids skiing for the first time
  • my nephew on the big slope
  • playing around with a ski mask
  • and other fun.

Not that they were bad days skiing, but normally I prefer to ski bigger hills. Introducing the kids to something they seemed to love is rewarding too.


  • My nephew successfully descending the big slope. He loves skiing already.
  • My older niece kind-of successfully descending the big slope. No big falls, but had to slide on her butt and walk part of it. Still, she made it down.
  • My younger niece, doing what kids do so well, exclaiming unfiltered joy when I had to hold her up by her hand over some icy patches, meaning she could go faster without having to worry about staying in control, “Wheeeee! … I’m going so fast! … It’s so much fun! … Wheeeee! … I love to ski!

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