The benefits of flying without the costs

November 9, 2017 by Joshua
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My post in LinkedIn today, “The Benefits of Flying Without the Costs,” begins

The benefits of flying without the costs

The benefits of flying without the costs

Airplanes have existed about a century and affordable for a few generations.

Suggest to typical Americans not to fly and most will tell you it’s impossible.

That’s a lie.

I told myself the lie as much as anyone. Don’t get me wrong. I like traveling, but now I’m honest with what I like about it and get a lot more out of it.

They mean they’d have to rethink their lives. Most of their lives conflict with their values already and could use rethinking, so that rethinking would help them.

They’ve lost sight that people have found ways to be happy for hundreds of thousands of years. The experience of not flying by choice—I’m in month 19 of not flying—and learning to enjoy life more proved otherwise.

We believe the lie that flying is essential because we enjoy the results, but lying to yourself lowers your self-awareness. You create a sub-optimal life—that is, you worsen your life by misunderstanding your values.

Traveling has become for many the equivalent of watching sports and thinking they’re exercising.

Thousands of generations of humans enjoyed life without flying, including every ancestor you’ve ever head with the possible exception of your parents and grandparents. I suggest many of them may have found ways to be happier than most people today, as evidenced by the explosive use of drugs from Prozac to fentanyl.

I’m not saying never travel, but not to lie to yourself about your reasons or the benefits. I’ll give a couple ways to get the benefits more effectively.

Read the rest at The Benefits of Flying Without the Costs.

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