Beth Comstock on The Story of Plastic

October 15, 2020 by Joshua
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The Story of Plastic may be challenging to watch in the gritty reality of what plastic waste is doing to our world. But it also offers hope by showing us people acting and making change in surprising and effective ways around the world. It invites us all to join them.

Beth Comstock, Former CMO and Vice Chair of GE, Director at Nike, Trustee of The National Geographic Society

EDIT: after reflecting on the movie, in a later email Beth added:

The more I think about it, the more that movie makes me mad—mad at how we’ve ignored the issue, it’s impossible to ignore now!

It’s a powerful movie.

Longtime readers and listeners will remember Beth Comstock’s episodes on the podcast. After remembering her accomplishments, you may remember she took on a challenge to avoid plastic for a week and found it surprisingly—actually, impossibly—difficult. Her openly sharing that she couldn’t do it struck me as a hallmark of a leader—not to imply she’s perfect but to show she’s human.

I got to talking to her about The Story of Plastic, which we’re screening next week plus holding a panel on. Register here. She watched it. It affected her. She shared the quote above. She wants people to see it.

Even if you can’t attend the panel at 7pm, Thursday, October 22, I recommend registering. You’ll receive a link to watch the movie on any screen you want any time for the three days before.

Here are some of my thoughts on the movie:

Here’s the movie trailer:

See you on the 22nd at 7pm!

Register here

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