Christmas trees being thrown away after a few days’ use, part 1. Lovely pagan tradition, people.

January 2, 2024 by Joshua
in Habits, Nature, Tips

What would Jesus do? Would he kill trees in a Pagan tradition for a few days and then put them in the garbage, like this? It’s January 2 and my neighborhood is swimming in dead trees people used for a couple weeks. I know people are just starting to throw away their Christmas Pagan trees, so I’ll post these few now and update with more.

Why? So you can remember next winter not to buy a Christmas Pagan tree! Let the trees live. Show your faith and love without a Pagan tradition of killing healthy trees that could help make a healthy environment.

Here are more. I recommend looking at them in detail. Each tells a story. No story seems particularly what Jesus would do, but they seem to reveal what our culture and Christianity mean to Americans today. For example, the UPS guy in the second row is sweeping the gutter with someone’s discarded Christmas Pagan tree. Lovely.

Note the garbage many of them are piled in. Why not let the trees grow into forests and celebrate Jesus’s birth without killing trees in a pagan tradition that has nothing to do with Christmas?

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