Cities aren’t loud, cars are.

February 28, 2022 by Joshua
in Freedom, Perception, Visualization

I prefer writing my own posts, but some material is so valuable but not what the internet will spread enough, and I post them.

The material in question is a series called Not Just Bikes, by a guy born in Canada who moved to Holland, preferred how the Dutch designed their cities, and makes videos describing what they do that works. I love the videos. I probably refer more people to the series than any other.

I think of the one below probably most, though I recommend them all. This one is that cities aren’t loud, cars are. It’s illuminating. In New York, I think of it every day. I hear cars all the time. I didn’t realize how much we could do about it, how much we’re polluting ourselves, making ourselves unhealthy, and accepting it.

I could say more, but here’s the video.

I’m tempted to post more of his videos, but will hold back to adding just the featured one for the series:

I recommend watching the whole series:

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