Like creativity? Like technology? In NYC? … Come to Creative Tech Week this weekend!

April 27, 2016 by Joshua
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ctwCreative Technology is transforming
culture, design, and art
with software, electronics and data.

We are creating the premier nexus for creativity and technology worldwide.

9 Days, 100+ Events, 200+ Speakers, 200+ Partners, 25k+ Attendees.

Creative Tech Week is a city-wide event week, with events going on in many different locations. Some are free, while others require a CTW Pass, and then others require additional registration or additional tickets. It’s organized by the people who do Leaders in Software and Art (LISA), which I love attending.

If you’re near New York City and like creativity, technology, or both, I recommend attending. I’m going!

Register here! Note Friday and Saturday’s free expo.

I’m also speaking at it. Monday, May 2, 2:45pm at the Brooklyn Library in Prospect Park’s Grand Army Plaza.

My talk: The downsides of being ‘smart’ and how I overcame them

Here’s what my talk is about:

Like many CTW attendees, I grew up strong on technology and analysis. I achieved a lot of academic success. I was creative in that I solved problems, but nobody would call my results meaningful. I showed little vulnerability and so shared little intimacy. I didn’t have much purpose, however successful my results seemed by outside standards. By the time I gave my three LISA talks, I had developed some artistic expression, but had a long way to go to learn about meaning, value, importance, and purpose.

Over the past ten years, I’ve allowed myself to develop in ways I couldn’t before, shifting my focus from knowledge, facts, and rules to emotions and relationships. The result has been enjoying life more, creating more (mutually) rewarding relationships, and more outward success as well. I believe anyone can benefit from going through these changes and that sharing my development, as a creative technologist, will help focus and accelerate their process.

Register here! Note Friday and Saturday’s free expo.

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