Do you value family over sustainability?

January 25, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature, Nonjudgment

Over and over people tell me they care about the environment but family comes first. Their parent is sick and they’ve chosen to live flying distance away, they married a spouse from another country and feel they have to fly there twice a year, and things like that.

Okay, say family is important enough to disregard hurting other people. Imagine someone else wanted to see their parent, suddenly hospitalized, but for them to do so, your home would be demolished, you would be put in a refugee camp, and your water sources would be polluted.

If they wanted a cell phone to keep track of their child, your child would be put to hard labor, maybe given a birth defect like the child below, from pollution.


If family is important, would you then support them visiting their sick parents and getting a cell phone? Is their family worth you being displaced from your home and poisoned? If not, why not?

The opposite of flying is not less family or business opportunity. It’s more of each and nature too.

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