Does this bottle disgust you?

November 12, 2015 by Joshua
in Awareness, Nature, Visualization

I saw this bottle at an event. I’ve seen ones like it before, but this time I couldn’t help feeling disgust.

disgusting bottle

Why disgust?

Because there is no need to package that amount of water for whatever people are using it for. It won’t quench the thirst of anyone thirsty to the point of it affecting their health. For everyone else, it’s just a superficial holdover for a few minutes. No one receiving this bottle needs the water in it. Anyone who thinks they do can stand to learn some self-discipline or to recognize that people actually suffer from lack of access to water and this bottle is contributing to people losing access to clean water.

This is another perspective on this bottle. Anyone who thinks they aren’t connected is deluding themselves. I know we all have to sleep at night, but I think they’ll help themselves more by not getting bottles like this in the first place.

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