Why I don’t eat meat: non-issue7: anatomy

December 26, 2011 by Joshua
in Blog, Fitness, Nature

Following up my series on liberating ourselves from moralists, meddlers, and others who want to impose their subjective values on us in the name of objective truth in the realm of food, let’s continue with anatomy, the next on my list of a few days ago.

This reason makes little sense to me, but I hear it regularly.

People who eat meat point out things like that most predators have eyes that face forward and so do we, so we should eat meat. Or that we have a long digestive tract or can’t produce vitamin B12 so we should eat meat.

People who don’t eat meat point out some comparable physical characteristic that they use to say others should or shouldn’t eat meat.

I like learning this interesting similarities between us and other animals, but I don’t see how they translate to should or should not eat meat.

If you derive motivation from knowing about how your ancestors survived, go for it. But I see no logical reasoning between what anatomy — that is, something your ancestors evolved — and should or shouldn’t.

Too many people have lived long, healthy lives either eating or never eating meat their whole lives for these would-be reasons to carry weight. You can live a long, healthy life with either choice too.

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