I don’t listen to people who talk science about nutrition.

June 12, 2015 by Joshua
in Fitness, Nature

Knowing a lot of science of nutrition is like knowing a lot about physics for billiards—it probably indicates poor behavior.

I think pool reminds people of high school physics problems. They often ask me or presume I’m good at it. But knowing physics doesn’t help you play. What helps you play is practice. There’s physics in pool but there’s physics in everything. Knowing where you should hit the ball doesn’t give your muscles the precision to hit the ball accurately.

Likewise, knowing what you should eat doesn’t help you eat what you think you should.

People in the United States act like they have the greatest knowledge of nutrition yet they eat about the least healthy of any place.

Nutrition has more variables than we know and they depend on each other. We know more now than ever, but we know little compared to what we could. Little enough that I’d guess we’re as likely to eat less healthily than someone who knows less so-called science of nutrition than we do.

If I want to learn to play pool, I look for someone who plays pool well, not someone who solves physics problems. If I want to eat healthy, I follow someone or a culture who eats healthy, not someone who talks about food with big words.

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