Environmental problems and solutions

April 9, 2024 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

The Problem

Do any of these situations resonate? Have you said or thought anything like them?

  1. “Other people don’t know or care about our environmental problems. When I try to convince them, they push back to where sometimes we can’t talk any more.”
  2. “I want to act, but nothing will make enough difference, no matter how much I sacrifice.”
  3. “I don’t want to alienate myself from society. I don’t want to be lonely, acting alone.”
  4. “Governments and corporations have to act, not individuals. Why bother trying if institutions aren’t acting?”
  5. “Humanity depends on innovation and progress, otherwise we’ll return to the Stone Age.”
  6. “There are so many solutions by people so much smarter than me. Something will work.”


I’m not saying the following are the only solution to each of these problems, but they work and create freedom, joy, and liberation. Anyone can learn the Spodek Method.

  1. Stop trying to convince people. Lead them with the Spodek Method.
  2. Stop trying to convince yourself. Have others lead you in the Spodek Method.
  3. Build community by leading five or ten people close to you in the Spodek Method.
  4. Lead increasingly influential people in the Spodek Method or support the growing movement reaching global leaders.
  5. Keep practicing living more joyfully sustainably and you’ll see such cultural beliefs disintegrate.
  6. If everyone lives joyfully sustainably, we collectively live sustainably. If we all live unsustainably, we collectively live unsustainably.
Spodek Method Overall

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