Have You Hit Rock Bottom on the Environment?

April 8, 2024 by Joshua
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Have you hit rock bottom on the environment?

The question isn’t if the problems are grave enough or you know about them. You’ve seen enough problems from litter on your street to a region called Cancer Alley in the most technologically advanced nation in history and front-page news nearly daily.

The question of you hitting rock bottom is if you choose no longer to accept your rationalizations and justifications of your contributing to the problem. Are you through saying it’s outside your hands, you have faith others will solve it, we’re too far gone, and all the other excuses, denial, suppression, and mental gymnastics that avoid facing your personal responsibility?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Spodek Method or the movement it’s launching of discovering sustainability is joyful, not deprivation or sacrifice, destroying cultural preconceptions that were unquestioned but wrong. Maybe you’ve heard that it leads to seeing a path to global systemic change and a rewarding path to it.

Overcoming withdrawal is hard but rewarding and you’ll wish you started earlier. You can’t change the past. You didn’t choose to be born into a polluted world and a polluting culture. It isn’t your fault but it is your responsibility, especially if you have kids, want them, or are one.

If you haven’t acknowledged your personal responsibility, your ability to help solve the global problem, and that we need you for it to work, then this book isn’t for you. As much as we’d prefer you not go back to contributing to the problem, smugly lying to yourself and blaming others, you’d slow us down.

If you’re ready to act, to help with a greater mobilization than World War II for greater results, globally and personally, the Spodek Method is where we start to turn American and global culture around. It will turn what you never questioned about your world upside-down. You will love the experience.

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