First media coverage of me charging in Washington Square Park (that I know of)

April 6, 2024 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature, Stories

Longtime readers may remember my op-ed piece in the Village Sun: It’s Time to Ban Single-Use Packaging: The Village Sun published my op-ed piece. The Sun is one of my local papers and I find it covers local news that matter but the big papers miss. All communities would benefit from local journalism like it.

I mentioned in past posts how people approach and ask what I’m up to, which I enjoy (despite almost always the same questions). Well, the Sun published about me charging my battery from the sun in the Sun: Soaking up the sun in Washington Square Park:

If I can be a role model, maybe I should have charged here earlier. Still, the logistics are more complicated here, like I can’t just go to my apartment when I have to go to the bathroom. It’s dustier, which lowers the panels’ collecting potential, and carrying the panels around ages them.

We’ll see if the notoriety increases and, if so, where it leads.

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