Fitness is about the mind, intelligence is about the body

July 24, 2018 by Joshua
in Awareness, Fitness

Mission Impossible Ethan Hunt

An intelligent person doing what requires fitness. Or a fit person doing what requires intelligence. Actually, this movie character is integrated, which requires both characteristics.

Fitness is about the mind

After all these years, it finally dawned on me that physical fitness trains the mind more than the body. The body shows the results.

I bet few fit people haven’t developed mental discipline. You might start working on the body, but you won’t get far without working on the mind. The physical work opens the door.

I doubt many people who think fitness is just physical and don’t recognize the mental part are fit or ever have been.

Intelligence is about the body

Likewise, it finally dawned on me that intelligence is about behavior. A person who solves abstract problems and gets high scores on bubble form test but doesn’t behave in ways that bring joy, happiness, satisfaction, emotional reward, and the like for him- or herself and his or her community, I wouldn’t call intelligent.

I bet few intelligent people haven’t developed behavioral patterns and skills. You might start with the mind, but you won’t get far without working on your behavior. The mental work just opens the door.

I doubt many people who think intelligence is just mental and don’t recognize the physical part are intelligent or ever have been.

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