Focusing only on climate change or carbon today is like Kodak only focusing on film when digital started. Let’s not be Kodak.

October 16, 2023 by Joshua
in Models, Nature

I’ve written that Only specify fixing climate and carbon if you want to wreck everything else (forests, biodiversity, rivers, etc) because that happens when you do. Our environmental problems transcend “just” climate change.

I thought of a useful comparison: Kodak only focusing on film in the 1990s. Kodak dominated its market. Then than market collapsed.

Kodak understood about digital and could have moved there. It didn’t. It looked elsewhere.

You could see climate change as a big problem, but it’s a symptom. The problem causing that symptom among many others is our behavior, based in our culture. Kodak had a culture of dominance, not curiosity or change. It could have changed its culture.

We can change ours in principle to restore stewardship and get out of overshoot—a state where we are using more of nature than nature can support, which, if we don’t restore sustainability, will lead to our population collapsing.

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