Only specify fixing climate and carbon if you want to wreck everything else (forests, biodiversity, rivers, etc) because that happens when you do.

August 1, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature, Tips

People talking about the environment focus on climate and carbon.

Only talk about climate, carbon, and greenhouse emissions if you want to disregard all other environmental problems because doing so will augment them. The problems result from our behavior, which results from our culture.

Don’t change our culture and we’ll keep lowering Earth’s ability to sustain life. Focus only on one symptom and like whack-a-mole, or a stream flowing around a boulder, our culture’s demand for energy and growth will degrade everything else if we fix climate change. Talking about climate only will increase the other problems more, and increase our total problems, with rare exception.

I recommend only talking about fixing climate and carbon if you deliberately want to degrade everything else.

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