Followed up: watched recommended historical videos from the Leadership Institute’s course “Conservatism 101”

June 13, 2024 by Joshua
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I’ve written about taking several courses at the Leadership Institute. Conservatism 101 recommended a lot of historical videos to augment their lectures. Though I finished the course a while ago, I took a while to finish the videos. If interested, here they are.

I didn’t grow up learning these views. Adults around me during my childhood seemed to view, say, Phyllis Schlafly, as weird and devious: why would a woman oppose an equal rights amendment. I didn’t remember knowing anyone who admired her, Ronald Reagan, or Jesse Helms.

Since reading The Righteous Mind by podcast guest Jonathan Haidt, when I find people I disagree with, I’m more interested in learning from them than proving them wrong, as I spent most of my life. I found watching these videos fascinating.

The videos are grouped by lesson. There were a lot more lessons than groups below. These groups were the ones with the most videos. Ones with only a few historical videos I just watched.

Here’s one group:

1.     Vladimir Lenin Speech: The Middle Peasants (1919)

2.     Leon Trotsky Speech in Mexico on Moscow Trials (1938)

3.     Joseph Stalin Speech on 24th Anniversary of Revolution and Nazi Invasion (1941)

4.     Winston Churchill “Iron Curtain” Speech (1946)

5.     Harry Truman: Truman Doctrine Speech (1947)

6.     Whittaker Chambers & Alger Hiss Congressional Testimony (1948)

7.     Mao Zedong Declares People’s Republic of China (1949)

8.     Joseph Stalin’s Final Speech at USSR Congress (1952)

9.     Joseph McCarthy Congressional Hearings (1954)

10. Joseph McCarthy on Face the Nation Discussing Censor (1954)

11. Dwight Eisenhower “Domino Theory” Speech (1954)

12. Fidel Castro on Face the Nation (1959)

13. Fidel Castro Speech at Harvard (1959)

14. Nikita Khrushchev “We Will Bury You” UN Speech (1960)

15. JFK Cuban Missile Crisis Speech (1962)

16. LBJ Gulf of Tonkin Speech (1964) 

17. Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing (1964) (23:30-27:45)

18. Leonid Brezhnev’s New Year’s Address (1970)

19. Alger Hiss Interview (1970)

20. Nixon in China Film (1972)

21. Mao Zedong Addressing 9th National Congress of CCP (1973)

22. Alexander Solzhenitsyn Speech at Harvard (1978)

23. Ronald Reagan “Ash Heap” Address at British Parliament (1982)

24. Ronald Reagan “Evil Empire” Speech (1983)

25. Ronald Reagan “Tear Down This Wall” Speech in Berlin (1987)

26. Mikhail Gorbachev Resignation Speech (1991)

27. Last Interview with Pol Pot (1998)

Here’s from another lesson:

1.     Rise of the Religious Right: Part 1 of 2 (1984)

2.     Rise of the Religious Right: Part 2 of 2 (1984)

3.     Phyllis Schlafly Debates Betty Friedan on ERA (1976)

4.     Phyllis Schlafly Speech “Power of the Positive Woman” (1977)

5.     The Reverend Dr. Jerry Falwell Speech at The City Club of Cleveland (1982) 

6.     Interview with Bill Rusher (1990)

7.     Pat Buchanan “Culture War” Speech at 1992 Republican Convention (1992)

8.     Ralph Reed Speech “The Christian Coalition’s View of Election 1996”

9.     Mike Huckabee Presidential Announcement Speech (2007) 

10. Sarah Palin Full Speech at RNC Convention (2008)

11. Courage of his Convictions, Senator Jesse Helms (2008)

12. Salute to Paul Weyrich (2008)

13. Richard Viguerie Discussing The Origins of Social Conservatism (2014)

14. Iowa Caucus History: The Rise of the Christian Conservative Movement in 1988 (2016)

15. Penny Nance Speaks Out on Behalf of Conservative Women (2018)

Here are the videos from another session (for the record, I watched all ten Free to Choose videos, not just the first three):

1.      Henry Hazlitt Interviewed on Longines Chronoscope (1951)

2.      Hayek on Keynes’ Ignorance of Economics (1975)

3.      Free to Choose 1980: Vol 1. – The Power of the Free Market (Milton Friedman)

4.      Free to Choose 1980: Vol 2. – The Tyranny of Control (Milton Friedman)

5.      Free to Choose 1980: Vol 3. – Anatomy of a Crisis (Milton Friedman)

6.      Milton Friedman on Phil Donahue Show: Greed, Virtue, and Angels

7.      Hayek on The Road to Serfdom (1976)

8.      Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. and F.A. Hayek: Is There a Case for Private Property (1977)

9.      Milton Friedman: I, Pencil (1980)

10.  Hayek on Milton Friedman and Monetary Policy

11.  Milton Friedman on Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom” Interview (1994)

12.  Milton and Rose Friedman on Mont Pelerin Society (2002)

13.  Milton Friedman on Libertarianism (2010)

14.  Adam Smith – Political Theory (2014)

15.  Friedrich Hayek – Political Theory (2016)

16.  Frederic Bastiat – The Law: Audiobook (2016)

17.  Art Laffer Explains the Laffer Curve (2017)

18.  Who Was Ludwig von Mises? (2019)

19.  Economics in One Lesson: Audiobook (2019)

20.  Henry Hazlitt’s Long-Term Economic Thinking (Robert Luddy) (2019)

21.  The Essential Adam Smith: The Invisible Hand (2019)

22.  Who was Milton Friedman? (2020)

23.  Who is Wilhelm Ropke? (2020)

The links to the videos below, from a different session, didn’t work. I sent bug reports to the Leadership Institute with requests for the links, but haven’t heard back yet.

1.     George H.W. Bush’s “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” Convention Clip (1988)

2.     First Lady Hillary Clinton’s PSA on “Hillarycare” (1993)

3.     Newt Gingrich Speech Announcing Contract with America (1994)

4.     Inside the Republican Revolution: The First 100 Days (1994)

5.     Newt Gingrich and the Republican Revolution (1995)

6.     Newt Gingrich Becomes House Speaker (1995)

7.     Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich Townhall (1995)

8.     Newt Gingrich Remembers Government Shutdown

9.     Bill Clinton’s State of the Union: Era of Big Government is Over (1996)

10. President Clinton Signing Welfare Reform (1996)

11. President Clinton Signing Balanced Budget Bill (1997)

12. Bill Clinton Responds to Monica Lewinsky Accusations (1998)

13. President Clinton Impeachment Hearings with Ken Starr (1998)

14. George W. Bush’s Bullhorn Speech 9/11 (2001)

15. President George W. Bush Addresses Joint Congress: The War on Terror (2001)

16. President Bush Signs Controversial Patriot Act (2001)

17. President Bush Signing “No Child Left Behind” Education Act (2002)

18. President Bush Announces Start of Iraq War (2003)

19. George W. Bush 2nd Inaugural Address (2005)

20. President Bush Announced Iraq Troop Surge (2007)

21. President Bush Proposes Economic Bailout (2008)

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