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April 17, 2011 by Joshua
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A friend and I were playing around with logo ideas for the Freedombox project based on this email solicitation from the Freedombox Foundation for T-shirt designs:

T-Shirt Designs

One of the things we offered Kickstarter donors was a T-shirt. We are thus soliciting T-shirt designs. The theme of the shirt is Community Angels. It would be good to involve our current logo Sorry, we don't have a bigger version of that.

The chosen design will be printed on t-shirts that we will give to donors. Of course, if your design is chosen, we will cover you in thanks and make sure you get a shirt too. I will also buy you a beer next time we meet.

Send designs in a free file format to before April 15. I'd like vector graphics, but since the existing logo is PNG, I recognize that will be difficult.

The challenge is representing freedom, since boxes are easy enough. The gnu in the current works for people in the free software community but not outside it. Eagles work in the U.S., but may have opposing connotations elsewhere.

We focused on the ideas of community, growth, friendliness, and mesh computing and hit on the idea of flowers with boxes as the flower, as below. Flowers are friendly and colorful. They grow as individual plants and as fields of them. Their motion could be represented by the waves of a network connected symbol, implying connectivity and community.

Here are some simple examples. They aren’t supposed to be the final word, but starting points for discussion.

Freedombox flowers

Freedombox flowers

If the individual flower idea resonates, we can also create images of fields of colorful Freedombox flowers. Each can have its own color and variety (rose-like, tulip-like, etc) representing its individuality.

The field of Freedombox flowers is like a mesh of computers, with messages going from peer to peer, represented by the network-connected waves. It could be animated with new ones popping up all the time.

I’d love feedback on the design.

For more background on the Freedombox project besides the links above, I’ve posted on it before.

EDIT (based on commentsfrom a Freedombox volunteer):

Regarding the “ideal” logo, our thoughts were to introduce Freedombox flowers as a theme simple enough that people could create other versions within it.

For example, this first batch showed you could vary colors, open or close the box, include wifi waves or not, etc.

We also envisioned versions with different varieties. These first ones are like tulips, but others could be like roses, orchids, carnations, etc, perhaps representing different hardware, software, etc. These are simple and angular, but others could have more detail, look more hand-drawn, etc, depending on context.

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